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McGovern Financial Advisors, LLC

I founded McGovern Financial Advisors with a single mission:  to help others achieve their retirement goals with objective, unbiased, straightforward advice on financial matters, large and small.   Please refer to the “What We Do” section for detail on our services.

While we’re happy to provide specific services as needed, my goal in working with clients is to develop a comprehensive plan that helps them achieve their long-term financial goals and desires.  That is best done in the context of an ongoing partnership in which trust, confidence, patience, and mutual commitment are the keys to success.

We operate under a fiduciary standard, which means that we act at all times solely in the best interest of our clients, under a strict Code of Ethics.  We accept no sales commissions, referral fees, or third-party payments of any kind.  The only people who pay us are our clients.

At McGovern Financial Advisors, we don’t require any minimums as to income, assets, or net worth.  Our fees are transparent, appropriate, and commensurate with the services we provide.  

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For a free initial consultation, please click the blue button above, email us, or call us at (908) 789-9462